Best Films of 2009


Here are my favorite films of the last year. Those with links will direct you to my review of the film.

Inglourious Basterds- This is Tarantino at his absolute best.

The Hangover- The most successful comedy ever for more reasons that I can type.

District 9- For a genre that is dead to me, this sci-fi drama hit a home run!

Taken- A vigilante without a bleeding heart for his enemies, what’s not to love?

The Stoning of Soraya M.- An extremely important film about the realities and inequalities in Iran.

Watchmen- Original and interesting take on the superhero.

(500) Days of Summer- Films like this are often riddled with cliché, however, this one stands alone!

Funny People- A deeply personal film for director Judd Apatow and it resonates to the audience.

Adventureland- An excellent period piece that feels almost too authentic.

Gomorrah-A unique mob picture that bears minimal resemblance to the myriad of films that came before it.

Biggest Guilty Pleasures: Public Enemies, Sherlock Holmes

Note: Have yet to screen Up and The Hurt Locker

Chris Yogerst

Chris is an associate lecturer at the University of Wisconsin Colleges and is a PhD film student at Regent University. He is also editor and a film critic for Parcbench. His articles are linked on numerous sites around the web. Follow him at

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  • Erron

    Adventureland is the best in its category. The young actors are so …what's the word…natural. Some older ines should learn from them. I guess that innocent and true acting is the characteristic of the young. Any awards for them?

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  • nmbr1son

    I loved the Hangover! Reminded me of a similar episode in my life, except for the mattress.

    …and the tiger.

    Oops, and the feminine-speaking naked Chinese guy.

    I don't think anyone lost a tooth.

    Well, there was definitely alcohol involved.