Pelosi vs Lugosi 2010

The class warfare struggles of today differ so greatly than the Bourgeois versus the Proletariat dynamic of 1840s Europe that grew out the era of Serfdom and Fiefdom. We are seeing the evolution of a conflict between those that provide tax revenue and those who consume it. The tax consumption class is being lead by a political elite that is completely unconcerned with the economic well being of those from which they extract resources. We now see a trend in vampire films that demonstrate that exact relationship.

The plot of the new vampire flick “Daybreakers” goes something like this…a virus turns the majority of the world population into vampires. Remaining humans are rounded up and farmed for their blood. The problem is that there are so many vampires and so few humans, only so much blood can be taken from any one human or else they will die. Add in the reproduction and gestation period which represents “production” and we find that “demand” greatly outpaces “supply”.

Ultimately what is sought is a synthetic blood like product that would “feed” the population. What a decidedly private sector and free market approach to the problem? A similar product is the focus of the HBO vampire series “True Blood”. A show in which the humans and the undead live side by side due to the fact that a product on the market alleviates the necessity to hunt humans for blood. What we don’t see in plot of the film is a vampire government creating a blood rationingbureaucracy charged with ensuring all vampires receive the blood that they have an un-human right to. Nor is there an elite class of political Count Orlock types trying to reassure the common vampire that the supply blood will never run out. We should all feel lucky that the democrats aren’t trying win over a blood thirsty voting bloc. Now how many horror fans find the capitalist subtext in this entertainment genre?

The vampire world gives us the ultimate analogy to describe the two class society that The United States is turning into; the producer class and the recipient class. The problem for the producer class is that they are shrinking in number against a growing recipient class who makes increasing demands of their existence. The problem for the recipient class if they demand too much from the producer class they will no longer produce or they will simply perish. Plus the existence of politicians who continue to demonize the producer class in their name. The possibility even exists that producers with be left with little choice but to become recipients.

The real world seems to be much like the vampire world. Except that vampires seem to have a better understanding than democrats of the laws of supply and demand and the effects of over taxing. If the recipient class kills the producer class literally or figuratively, the recipient class dies as well, since it is the producer class who provides the sustenance that the recipient class relies on. In our world a government bureaucracy full of wannabe vampires charged with running an entitlement program would be a redundancy. And that is the problem because that is exactly what we have.

Our liberal democrat led government is making offers to the recipient regardless of the effect on the producer. In some cases the government is promising the recipient to cover the cost of necessities by simply extracting more resources from the producer. In other cases the government offering products and services to the recipient by borrowing epic sums of money at exhorbanent interest rates from international creditors that must be eventually paid back. Either way this makes the bloodletting a gory spectacle. The worst part of all of this is that the real life politicians are worse than anything Bram Stoker ever conjured up. They are only accepting policy ideas that involve extracting as much from the remaining producers as possible even ignoring the future effect on the recipient. At least we see a trend of vampires attempting to allow the market to create ways to offset the “thirst”. Our government isn’t even doing that. The vampire’s problem is much simpler than the real world human problem. The vampire needs only ordinary blood.

Our economy requires a symphony of reward motive driven individuals, small businesses and large corporations all creating, producing, innovating and engaging in beneficial transactions. Economic vibrancy benefits all who wish to participate, without having to sleep in a coffin and wait for sunset. This is what makes an economy and a nation thrive.

In 2010 it would be wiser to vote for the “Lost Boys” ticket over the democrats because at least vampires see some benefit in preserving the free market and the producer class.

Andrew Wilkow is the host of the “Wilkow Majority” on SiriusXM Satellite Radio and a big time fan of horror movies.


Andrew Wilkow is the host of the “Wilkow Majority” on SiriusXM Satellite Radio

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Andrew Wilkow is the host of the “Wilkow Majority” on SiriusXM Satellite Radio
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