Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner up to Her old Tricks Again


The lesson Ohio learned late Friday is NEVER trust a career politician! A clearly political action Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner again reared her ugly head. After all she is the Queen of elections; she is the ultimate decider of who is elected in Ohio and who isn’t, no matter what the committees say and no matter what the people say.

Brunner is no stranger to the spotlight. Most of us remember her in the 2008 election taking quiet orders from the Democratic Party, and the Obama campaign. In that election she turned her eye away from massive voter fraud in Ohio by groups like ACORN who had registering thousands of illegitimate voters. It’s ironic that her office now seems to take the idea of validating signatures seriously.

As November approaches and Brunner makes her bid for Ohio open US Senator’s seat on the Democrat ticket, she plaid her last ace in her Progressive hand. Seeing a primary with four other opponents, she decided now was the time to make her move. Leaking a press release under the cover of darkness late Friday night, her office announced they had disqualified not 1, not 2, but 3 of her opponents.

Charlena Renee Bradley of Lyndhurst and Traci Johnson of Hilliard – were disqualified from the Senate race. Bradley filed 1,170 signatures, but her office claimed that only 642 were valid. Fewer than half of the 1,305 signatures Johnson submitted were considered valid.

If voiding 50% of signatures submitted sounds unbelievable, would you believe over 70%? Sounds nearly impossible, even if ACORN collected the signatures? This is where the story gets even worse.

At the same time Brunner used her office to “Clear the Field” in true Saul Alinsky syle, she also disqualified 2 entries in the Ohio Attorney General race in the up coming Republican Primary.

Christopher_WhiteboardSteve Christopher, Tea Party favorite who stood to upset Mike DeWine who has been reluctantly endorsed by the GOP, filed 2,700 signatures out of the 3,100 he collected, yet the office claims only 638 valid signatures. Owens, who ran unsuccessfully for attorney general in a 2008 special election, filed only 282 valid signatures according the Brunner’s office.

So let’s see if I have this right: Brunner clears the field by using her office, buries the story on a Friday night. To cover herself even further she co-opts fellow progressives within the Republicans party to take down the “Little Candidate that Could” defeat Steve Christopher. You know the one the TEA Parties want, the same TEA Parties the Party has worked so hard to become friends with. The Republicans get what they want, and can blame her, and since they got their way won’t make a stink about any of her actions. Actions mind you, that are a conflict of interest at the least, and down right illegal at the worst. Every one wins right? Except you and I, the people trying to change Columbus, the people who have been promised our voices would be heard.

The papers got the headlines wrong again. The Columbus Dispatch read:
Only 3 races to be contest in May ballot
Five candidates booted for filing too few signatures

Can we go with this one instead:
Secretary of State Brunner Counts Better in 2010 after Learning fro 2008 Election
After not investigating thousands of illegal votes, She made up for it in disqualifying signatures in her own race

or maybe:
Progressives Reach across Party Lines to Help Each other Stay in Power
Secretary of Sate Brunner fixes both Democrat and Republican Primaries to further the cause

I could go on, but why bother. That was yesterday, now what are we going to do about it today? Steve Christopher will appeal, and according to their campaign have copies of and are having the signatures independently evaluated for every one for them. Keep the pressure on the media to report this, or outcome will not change. Every members of the Ohio Central Committee (paid for by the DeWine campaign) knows that there were two possibilities here: One he would go away, and two he would fight. They will now help Brunner by ignoring the story, and helping delay any appeal so that they can cheat DeWine over the finish line. Don’t believe me? Ask Dave Yost, the former front runner who was duped by the party to change races, and is now getting kicked while down by county party endorsements against him. And you thought Chicago politics were bad.

Brian Miller

Small business owner, historian, and active member of the Tea Party in NE Ohio.

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Small business owner, historian, and active member of the Tea Party in NE Ohio.
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  • Josh

    You might want to check your facts on how the process works before you concoct a blog posting like this. The SOS office is not responsible for verifying the signatures that happens at the local county board of elections, the SOS is just the distribution & reporting point. And in 2008 there were only a handful of protests filed for voter fraud, what you are really talking about is Voter registration fraud of which, the county board of elections will catch every time.

    • Tom Dilts

      Yes the county verifies the signatures, but you turn them in to the SOS and they submit them to the proper county BOE. If those signatures were not sent for verification from the Secretary of State, then who is at fault. It seems to be the case here that 2/3 of these collected signatures were not sent out for validation.

      • Brian Miller

        This is the same conclusion that I have come to. Here is the rub – The Auditor of Sate would have to investigate, and since Mary Taylor (GOP favorite and Mike DeWine supporter) is who would have to lea the charge…do you think they will even respond to any requests. Everyone knows (including those in the SOS Office) that an investigation, or suite would never be completed before the primary.

        The who thing is dirty pool, and unless it get's national media attention, this guy will be another victim of Jennifer Brunners corrupt actions…just like Joe the Plumber.

      • Josh

        Does anyone know if Mr. Christian made copies of his petitions, prior to submission? The other issue at stake here is the rule on part petitions, once county per part petition, it appears to be the law and if there are voters from various counties on each petition, perhaps it is bounced. There are directives in nauseating detail on the SOS web site that explain the extremely complicated rules, obviously rules passed by the Ohio Gen assembly, all found in ORC.

        • Brian Miller

          Yes, he has copies of every single petition page and every single signature, along with the receipt signed for by an election official at the SOS confirming that 2750 signatures were submitted with the application. The petitions were to then be forwarded on to the 88 county BOE's, most have confirmed that the petitions were never sent from the SOS office to them. They cannot apply the long list of rules if they never got the applications.

          Bottom line, they were intentionally lost somewhere in the abyss of the SOS office. The simple fact that the office is standing behind it's statement that only 700 signatures were submitted, despite a stamped receipt to the contrary speaks volumes to their potential collusion to take out Steve from the race.

          We all know that at some point they signatures will be found, more then likely after a long law suit that will drag out after the race, and accomplishing the same goal. Make sure that Mike DeWine is uncontested. This is after all the only way he can win.

          • Josh

            well what would the Brunner office have to gain by hiding these? Nothing? If anything you would think a Dem would want an opponent for another R in a primary race. Something doesn't make sense here and it appears that no other petitioner had any problems. hmm..

  • Brian Miller

    In Ohio, state wide elections the signatures are turned into the SOS office, not the local BOE. A receipt is issued confirming the count submitted prior to validation. In an election for state office or U.S Senate the SOS performs this role, not the county BOE.

  • Brian Miller

    Dayton Daily News confirms 2750 signatures turned into the SOS office, and is now questioning where did the other 2000 go?

    People are calling on the Auditor of Sate to open an investigation into the Secretary of States office. Will Auditor of Sate Mary Taylor do the right thing, or ignore the request to assure fellow GOP candidate Mike DeWine remains uncontested?

  • Brian Miller

    Having a little fun with a difficult situation, Steve Christopher has set a goal on his facebook fan page. They have challenged members to help get as many fans of the page as signatures the Secretary of State's office has lost. Here's a link to the fan page, if you wish to show your support: