Wanna Know What Obamacare Portends? Just Ask a Veteran.

Standing with a US veteran and another outraged citizen at a South Florida protest.

One of the ultimate ironies in the ongoing (yes statists, American patriots have only just begun to fight!) battle against the hostile government takeover of healthcare involves the US Military. While this honorable segment of our population has valiantly advanced the cause of freedom worldwide, putting life and limb on the line to defend the very liberties the Obama Administration has been willfully destroying over the last 15 months, their efforts have been rewarded with an unprofessional, ineffective, government-run healthcare bureaucracy that neither meets their needs, nor respects their dignity as human beings.

To be fair, the Veterans Administration – a microcosm for the diabolical piece of legislation that President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid jammed down the throats of the American public using the brute force and naked corruption heretofore mainly reserved for the cesspool known as Chicago-machine politics – has been denying our soldiers proper medical attention long before “hope and change” came to Washington. But now that everyday Americans (as opposed to their Congressional overlords, who are exempt from this travesty) are headed for the same medical nightmare,  they’d do well to heed the warnings of military vets, many of whom have been actively involved in the tea party movement from its inception.

Last week, I bumped into a new tea partier named Scott Vail, an especially passionate veteran of the first Gulf War, when I attended a protest in Boca Raton outside of Congressman Ron Klein’s (FL CD-22) office. Having spotted the Gadsden flag waving in the distance as he happened to be driving by in his car, this former US Army Infantryman decided to pull over and – with his faithful dog in tow – stand with us on the sidewalk alongside the heavily trafficked Glades Road. A few days later, Scott, along with a friend who described himself as a “pissed off, everyday American,” joined the longest-running tea party in the country — the weekly Fort Lauderdale protest– which recently marked its one-year anniversary.

During the course of our conversations, he told me what to expect with the passage of Obamacare, based on his experiences with the VA:

  • No doctors. Caregivers are interns, nurse practitioners and medical technicians.
  • Two-to-three month out appointments. “If you need one right away, good luck!”
  • Constantly rotating staff. “My primary changes every two years,” Scott noted.
  • No accountability. “If you’re having lots of drug interactions, don’t expect anyone to care,” he remarked.
  • A redefinition of the term “emergency”. As he informed me, “The emergency clinic is only open on Thursdays at 3 p.m., so be sure to time your emergency!”
  • Rank incompetence. “Everybody knows about the Hepatitis B &C/HIV colonoscopies in Miami. Just imagine the incompetence you don’t know about.”
  • Non-existent test results. To quote my veteran friend, “After medical testing, you never get your results. And should you ask for and eventually receive them, they are always inconclusive.”
  • Grossly inept facilities, including the parking lot. “There is no parking early in the week, so hurt veterans have to walk. In Miami, the staff has to take a shuttle bus now. Is it any wonder there aren’t any real doctors available?!”
  • Last, but not least, complete dysfunction, a personal favorite of this particular veteran, who observes, “All the clocks are set to a different time, which is hardly surprising. Time is not important in dysfunctional facilities!”

So what’s Vail’s advice for Americans horrified by what’s in store for them with the passage of Obamacare? “Stay healthy!”

And just like my veteran friend, it wouldn’t hurt to get out of the car or off of the couch to  join with fellow Americans and states’ Attorneys General in the pushback against this abominable legislation, either.

Daria DiGiovanni

Author of Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal, copy director and partner in Parasol Creations, and co-host of Conservative Republican Forum.

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Author of Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal, copy director and partner in Parasol Creations, and co-host of Conservative Republican Forum.
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  • allen vail

    Right on and how about the doctor in Ft Pierce who I never saw In the 2 years I was there. Had a practice somewhere else but got paid by the VA—the same VA who audits everyone once a year.Then we have the Dr unprononcable name{India} who sent everyone for an expensive cat scan nearby in Inverness Fla and had his new Mercedes hidden in the back of the facility[might have had help paying for that ] They ought to check up on who's working for them[or not] if they can audit everyone whos retired once a year. It's not all bad,I've had some good experiences with the VA.Actually here in Eugene , Oregon there is actually an American, male doctor–highly unusual.

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