Kyle Turley – “Anger Management” (Music Review & CD Giveaway)

*** (out of 4 stars)
Label: Gridiron Records

Kyle Turley, former All-Pro offensive tackle for the New Orleans Saints, is bringing his usual passion to country music. And I, for one, am loving it. If a guy like Kyle Turley sees country music as an outlet to express his perspective, then there’s still hope out there. You can see the video to his first single, “Another Whiskey,” by clicking here.

Hey Kyle – take off your helmet and stay awhile. We need you, you bad-*ss. Considering Kyle’s Facebook status of the day (“Can some of the Obama supporters out there please explain why our tax $’s that bailed out GM r now going to build a new $500mil factory n Mexico?…I’m sure it’s for their strict environmental standards & great employee salaries & benefits…I bet the 131k folks out of a job last month would like an answer…Anyone…?”), it looks like he is definitely a type of guy. Here’s hoping I can get an interview with him before long.

After his famous moments on the field (let’s face it – Turley knew how to protect his quarterback), and after suffering the results of several concussions from a decade-long career, the man is back. This time he’s not playing for New Orleans or Kansas City; he’s playing for Nashville. The man is a country music singer, and a country-star-in-the-making. His album is called “Anger Management,” which should tell you something about where he’s coming from.

Like all great artists, Turley has his own sound; it is a mixture of Texas-style country and hard rock. There are shades of Hank Williams Jr. and Toby Keith, but after a few bars, you realize this is a musician with his own point of view. He has described his sound as “power country.” It’s easy to hear the heavy-metal influences, and the sound is a perfect match for the man’s take on the world. He captures a quality that Johnny Cash had – the ability to hold back the anger just enough to make it all still incredibly listenable. It is a gift that only a performer who has been around and survived it all (and is brutally honest) can get away with.

Download these:

“Another Whiskey” – The expressive side of Kyle Turley comes across in the organ-dripping, piano-driven soulful testament. This one starts the album off like a newly lit match.

“Flyin’ Helmets” – OK, this is a classic. If you wonder what an all-star football legend has to say about the subject (but don’t want to wait years and read some autobiography written by a ghost-writer), listen to this indictment of the pro game. Kyle Turley puts more truth (and names more names) in this 4-minute, 40-second song than most football autobiographies could put into an entire book anyway. Did I mention that I can’t stop playing this song as loudly as possible ever since I first heard it?

“Anger Management” – This song is about being misunderstood. It is an anthem for those strong enough to stand up against being labeled and micromanaged through life. The song has an accumulative and increasingly dramatic build. Don’t let yourself get boxed in, physically or mentally. It’s a course in Kyle Turley 101 all the way.

Catch Kyle Turley on tour (stay tuned for more future dates):
August 14, 2010 Covington, LA (Mellow Mushroom Fest
August 19, 2010 Nashville, TN (Cadillac Ranch)
August 20, 2010 Biloxi, MS (Hard Rock)
September 3, 2010 Las Vegas, NV (Aliante Casino)
September 27, 2010 Chicago (Joe’s Bar)

I have a free Kyle Turley “Anger Management” CD to give to one lucky Parcbench reader. Email me at:, with your name/mailing address. One winner will be chosen at random by Friday, August 20, 2010 (5pm, EST).

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