Randy Houser – ‘How Country Feels’ (& Should Sound)

Randy Houser – How Country Feels
**** (out of 4 stars)
Label: Stoney Creek Records

Did you hear about the first new country music radio station to hit the New York City airwaves in 17 years? No — it isn’t a joke… it’s really true! Starting this week, New Yorkers can tune in to NASH 94.7 FM and hear actual country music! At 9:47am last Monday, the song chosen to launch the new station proved that it is a country station I already like. The song? None other than Randy Houser’s “How Country Feels” — the perfect song for a city that’s been starving for country music for the entire 21st century (and then some).

The song also happens to be number one on the country charts and comes from Randy Houser’s album of the same name that was released this week. It’s the best complete country album to come out in months. There is a variety of song styles (soulful, honky-tonk, country-rock, country-blues) that is matched by a consistency of high quality throughout the album.

How Country Feels was produced by Derek George (also from Houser’s home state of Mississippi). The two obviously have a musical bond that goes beyond the usual producer/artist interplay. The album does what is required (defining Houser as an artist), while at the same time it does what is always hoped for but seldom achieved (defining Houser as a person).

There is not a weak track on the album. Each song offers something unique and the performances are tailored specifically to each song’s needs. It’s impeccable stuff that sets a high standard for Nashville as far as total albums go. After three albums (but only his first on Stoney Creek Records), it’s nice to have Randy Houser finally officially heading toward country superstar status… and I guess I won’t have to move out of New York City just yet. Amen.

Essential Downloads: “Runnin’ Outta Moonlight,” “Top of the World,” “Power of a Song,” “How Country Feels,” “Goodnight Kiss.”

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Greg Victor

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