Kevin Deal’s New CD (‘There Goes the Neighborhood’)

Kevin Deal – There Goes The Neighborhood
*** (out of 4 stars)
Label: Blindfellow Records

Kevin Deal is a singer/songwriter and independent Americana artist whose latest album, There Goes The Neighborhood, is full of country music with substance — jangly roots-based gospel songs that are their own form of prayer. The songs are catchy, and when you start to sing along you’ll find yourself singing lyrics that convey a message of faith. Deal’s rich and textured voice perfectly fits the narrative aspect to many of his songs. He’s the kind of guy who has a voice that you just plain trust.

For the most part the songs Kevin Deal has written are heartfelt and sincere pleas and observations supported by solid musicianship. The rollicking, good time inherent in the message these characters’ stories bring to light is infectious. When anyone takes on the simplest/hardest-to-get-right song of all time, you have to give them some credit. When someone pulls off performing that song (“Amazing Grace”) in a way that lets you hear it anew, they get my critical respect. Kevin and the band offer a searing, jagged, straight-from-the-heart rendition that is as effective as its rhythm is insistent.

Essential Downloads: “There Goes The Neighborhood,” “Big Prayer,” “This Old Cross Around My Neck.”

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Greg Victor

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