George Kilby Jr.’s New ‘Six Pack’

George Kilby Jr. – Six Pack (EP)
*** (out of 4 stars)
Label: Top Frog Music Group

Another EP? Whatever happened to an album-length recording? If you like your music from the “less is more” variety, then you disagree with me. That’s OK. I understand that a certain expected album length is arbitrary and based on a historical anachronism. It’s just that those extra tracks used to always provide the more interesting tracks on an album.

No need to worry about that here, though, for George Kilby packs it all into a 6-track EP. These are five original songs (and one rock standard) that pay tribute to Kilby’s musical influences, ranging from blues to folk to rock to what he calls “jamgrass.”

The folk/rock singer songwriter covers exactly the kind of liberal crowd-pleasers you’d expect from a folkie baby-boomer (“The People Sang”), while also offering a few genuine surprises (“I Love You in Brooklyn” and “Cro-Magnon Man”), that have more wit and emotional insight. Kilby resists the usual devotion to nostalgia when he delivers a refreshing rendition of “Sunshine Of Your Love.” The ideas driving some of the lyrics of his tunes may be tired and threadbare, but there’s no denying his fine musicianship.

George Kilby Jr and The Road Dogs consists of: George Kilby Jr (Lead Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars), Neil Thomas (Accordion, Wurlitzer Piano), Arturo Baguer (Bass) and Eric Halvorson (Drums, Percussion). Kilby is a master of infusing classic modes with contemporary energy. Whether he’s playing blues, folk or roots, he makes the music matter. The musical territory he covers is a trip well worth exploring.

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Greg Victor

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