Dave Adkins & Republik Steele’s Soulful New Bluegrass CD

Dave_A_CDDave Adkins & Republik Steele – That’s Just The Way I Roll
*** (out of 4 stars)
Label: Rural Rhythm Records

Dave Adkins & Republik Steele have released a new album, overflowing with powerful songs that get the benefit of being sung by Dave Adkins. His voice finds just the right nuance for each song, treating each as a unique musical portrait. His trustworthy vocals frame each with warmth and authenticity. The name Republik Steele is a tribute to the hardworking coal miners from Virginia and Tennessee (home of the members of this band). It’s a fitting name, since the music they make is solid as steel and as eternal as the hills.

“That’s Just The Way I Roll” is the new single off the album. It’s an enjoyable (and downright infectious) song, but it almost doesn’t stand up to the exceptional quality of many of the other tracks. There is a variety of material here that begs Dave Adkins & Republik Steele to get back into the recording studio and make another album; they have musical style that obviously can’t be captured on one album alone. That may be problematic when it comes to getting radio airplay, but I’m guessing it really pays off at their live shows.

The band consists of: Dave Adkins (mighty, mighty vocals), Kenny O’Quinn (storytelling mandolin, vocals), Danny Ray (profound bass), Wesley Wolfe (standout guitar) and Matt Cruby (impressive banjo, vocals).

Essential Downloads:
-“Please Come To Boston” (Yes, it’s the 1970s classic, written by David Loggins. This version makes all the earnest drama fresh again.)
-“Get ‘Em Up” (A catchy Dave Adkins original that I highly recommend listening to first thing in the morning… or afternoon, if that’s more your style.)
-“The Storm” (The more I find out about Steve Gulley, the more I appreciate everything he does… including writing this inspiring song.)

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