Dudley Taft’s New Album (‘Deep Deep Blue’) Is Deeply Felt

Dudley Taft – Deep Deep Blue
*** (out of 4 stars)
Label: American Blues Artist Group Records

Like your blues/rock to place an emphasis on the “rock”? Meet Dudley Taft. His new album, Deep Deep Blues is ambitious; it touches on seemingly every type of music that has influenced him. I am pleased to report that it all comes together in a cohesive way. His energy alone brings it all together. The humidity of southern blues, the shine of the British Invasion, the shade of jazz, the searing sun of hard rock… it’s all slightly familiar while achieving the near impossible — it is also highly original.

Deep Deep Blue features eleven tracks; eight originals and three covers (tunes by Bob Dylan, Lou Reed and Leon Russell). IF you didn’t know the cover songs, you’d be hard pressed to figure out which ones they are in the collection; they are treated with a musical point of view that is pure Dudley Taft.

These aren’t just any blues. These are hard rocking electric (and high voltage, at that) blues that claw their way out of the mundane or the predictable and into your being. The performances on the album create and sustain all of the tension of a live performance. Sometimes describing an artist turns into a perfunctory act all too easily. I suggest that you skip my superficial description and preview Dudley Taft’s music yourself.

Essential Downloads: “Meet Me In The Morning,” “Feeling Good Now,” “Satisfy You.”

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Greg Victor

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