New Country: Underhill Rose’s ‘Something Real’ Is Something Special

Underhill Rose – Something Real
***½ (out of 4 stars)

This album reminds me of what I hoped The Band Perry might evolve into (when I first heard them) someday (but didn’t) — a somewhat sassy, occasionally touching, always toe-tapping musical experience that is guaranteed to make you believe again in the integrity of country music. Fear not, my hopes have been been answered in the form of Molly Rose Reed, Eleanor Underhill and Salley Williamson. They are Underhill Rose and their new album, Something Real is, indeed, something… something special and something real.

They have an effortless quality that serves the bluegrass-, blues-infused country music they make very well. Their three part harmonies are the foundation of their sound and they swap lead vocals often enough to make it clear that they are all equally talented and a true ensemble. The musicians featured on the album are Eleanor Underhill (vocals, banjo), Molly Rose Reed (vocals, guitar), Salley Williamson (vocals, upright bass), Matt Smith (dobro), Mike Rhodes (drums), Cruz Contreras (guitar, Wurlitzer), Ryan Burns (Wurlitzer, organ, piano), Rayna Gellert (fiddle, viola), Silas Durocher (electric guitar), Steve Burnside (accordion) and Justin Ray (trumpet).

There is a certainty to these songs that is wrapped in fragile and mysterious rhymes, rhythms and harmonies. The entire affair has a swell, old time sweetness to it. Each song is a separate jewel and all together they make Underhill Rose something of yet-to-be-discovered treasure.

Essential Downloads: “Helpless Wanderer,” “Little House,” “Bare Rooms.”

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Greg Victor

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