New Country: Pete Kennedy’s “Nashville Sessions’

Pete Kennedy – The Nashville Sessions, Volume 1
*** (out of 4 stars)

Pete Kennedy may have arrived in Nashville by way of Ireland, but the music he makes comes directly from a place of American country rock. Clearly influenced by classics such as The Eagles and Garth Brooks, Kennedy brings a fresh voice to a familiar sound. His easygoing vocal approach, supported by a blend of acoustic and electric instrumentation, makes Pete Kennedy into a listening experience that will have you reaching for the “repeat” button on your CD player.

There is a natural connection between Irish ballads and American country music and Kennedy’s vocals only point out the stylistic and emotional parallels between the two even further. Kennedy adds his own soulful delivery to songs in such a way that make it seem as if he’s singing directly to you. Kennedy is currently nominated for the 2013 British Country Music Award’s Male Vocalist of the Year. Whether he wins the award or not, the songs he writes are definitely winners.

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Essential Downloads: “I Am The One,” “You See Me.”

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Pete Kennedy

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