New Music: Earl Poole Ball’s ‘Pianography’

Earl Poole Ball – Pianography
*** (out of 4 stars)
Label: Tin Tube Tunes

Earl Poole Ball may describe himself as “a rockabilly piano player and singer,” but his latest album proves that his musical gifts are much more than that. Whether it is rockabilly, country, honkytonk, or Southern roots with a hint of gospel, the music that Earl Poole Ball makes doesn’t include a single false note. It’s as if his songs reach back into a time when rural music just sounded “right” — a time your ears might have thought was unreachable. Fear not… Earl Poole Ball was making music when the standard was high, and he’s still making that great music today.

Pianography includes seven new recordings, four live tracks and vintage recordings (from 1967 and 1977). These are songs that highlight the journey of the singer/songwriter’s life as he has traveled and played with some of the greats, making beautiful music everywhere along the way. The musicians featured on the new recordings include: Glenn Fukunaga (bass), Dony Wynn (drums), Casper Rawls (guitar) along with special guests Cindy Cashdollar, Jay Dee Maness, Gene Elders, Bert Colwell and Jon Blondell.

Thanks to Earl Poole Ball’s Pianography, you get to hear all the great songs you never heard before that you hoped might still be in your future. It’s just great music, plain and simple, performed with a clarity that is almost retro. Maybe Ball’s having played piano for Johnny Cash for twenty years has something to with this… ya think? Whatever it is, I am keeping this CD on repeat on this hot, summer day. If I pretend I’m in Texas, I can get through anything up here in New York City.

Essential Downloads: “Pianography (And Then Some),” “Something’s Gonna Get Us All,” “Second And San Antone.”

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Greg Victor

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