Eric Church’s New Single (“The Outsiders”): Worth The Wait & Finally Here!

CDEric Church – “The Outsiders” (single)
Label: EMI Nashville

There’s a good reason that Eric Church fans are excited — after a long spell, new music is flowing again. His last album, Chief, was released in 2011. But the wait is finally over. It isn’t a new album, but at least Church fans get a taste of what’s to come, when that album finally arrives. “The Outsiders” is the title song and debut single from Church’s forthcoming album, and from the sound of it, Eric Church continues to grow as an artist and as a force for the betterment and expansion of the country music genre.

The video for the new single isn’t out yet, but here’s a teaser…

With his hard-driving and catchy songs, his smoldering live performances, and his outsider allure, Church has always been a refreshing figure on the country scene. With this new single, Church continues to position himself outside of the mainstream of country music. Even so, he has continued to gain more mainstream acceptance. I guess country music lovers still know what they really love, when they are given the chance to hear real country music.

Church is clearly interested in being his generations heir to the title of “country music outlaw”… an important subgenre of country music that has included such legends as Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard and Hank Williams Jr. If Eric Church’s next album is half as good as Chief, and if the rest of the songs are as gutsy as this new single, his name deserves to be in such esteemed company.

Eric will reportedly perform the new song on the CMA Awards on November 6th at 8PM ET on ABC. Expect it to be a nearly religious experience and expect “The Outsiders” to be a recurring theme in Church’s next album and tour.

When Church calls himself an “outsider,” that outsider perspective gives him the opportunity to take chances and to do and say as he pleases. His persona is not under the control of the Nashville establishment and, therefore, his music is under his own control. And in the case of “The Outsiders,” Church continues to drive country music home in a hard rocking gear.

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    Has a “We will, we will Rock You” feel to it!