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My initial fifteen minutes of fame took place when I was a ten-year -old cartoonist for New Jersey's Asbury Park Press leading to my appearances on TV's To Tell The Truth and in the National Enquirer. I created short live and animated films while studying filmmaking and journalism at NYU. Since then, I have written articles for the Asbury Park Press and other publications, produced TV shows for Queens Public Television in NY, and self-published a comic book. For a brief period, I  was an official caricature artist at Walt Disney World. Besides contributing to, I perform the challenging work of being a father to twins, I edit medical and legal copy and I write spec scripts for TV and films.

Who is John Bolton? (Don’t Shrug)

Conservatives and Tea Party folk know what kind of President they want. One who will balance the budget, cut taxes and spending, and stop government interference in their lives and in the economy, at home — and who will conduct … read more »

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Grouplove is Coming

Grouplove is the next great rock band. If you were lucky, you caught them singing “Naked Kids” and “Gold Coast” on Carson Daly’s TV show a few days ago… or you saw them open for Florence and the Machine last … read more »

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Gary Johnson Announces Presidential Run

In these days of massive debt and out-of-control Federal spending, with taxes and regulations choking off businesses’ ability to create new jobs, many in the non-partisan Tea Party movement believe the key political issue today is returning to a government … read more »

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‘Atlas Shrugged, Part 1′ Debuts April 15

Internet chatter among fans of Ayn Rand’s 1957 novel Atlas Shrugged about the forthcoming movie version has been mixed: part excited anticipation to finally see a cinematic adaptation, part dread that it will be mediocre or misrepresent the novel’s message … read more »

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Artists on the Right: Kelsey Grammer

On September 8, 2010, Kelsey Grammer and other like-minded investors launched Right Network,a TV network targeted at right-wing viewers. Besides the web, it’s currently available on-demand on Verizon FiOS and Nokia phones. An accomplished and successful actor, producer and director, … read more »

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Artists on the Right: Walt Disney Part 2

Walt Disney’s works often celebrate American values:  optimism and innocence (Pollyanna, Summer Magic), hard work leading to amazing achievements (Ten Who Dared, The Absent-Minded Professor), and even the individual’s fight against the tax collector (Dr. Syn Alias The Scarecrow). He … read more »

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Artists on the Right: Walt Disney Part 1

Few American artists have had as much lasting influence on its culture as Walt Disney. Families continue to watch his animated cartoons Snow White and Dumbo seventy years after they premiered, and visit Disney parks fifty-five years after Disneyland opened. … read more »

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Artists on the Right – A Series

This is an introductory essay about my upcoming series of profiles of right-wing artists. Introduction Many arts-oriented intellectuals accept as a basic truth a false dogma about artists: all good and lasting art and therefore all good artists are inherently … read more »

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