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Ralph Benko is a principal of Capital City Partners, of Washington DC. He is also the author of The Websters’ Dictionary: How to Use the Web to Transform the World, for policy and advocacy groups to use the Web powerfully.

Defense of the Constitution Can Unite Conservatives, Libertarians and Independents … and Save the GOP

The GOP confronts what could threaten to be a crippling dilemma.  If real it could prove fatal to its viability as a political party.  Electoral victory requires both its libertarians and its social conservatives.  And they are at odds. These two crucial elements … read more »

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The politicalization of sanity, or why is Jon Stewart acting like Nurse Ratched?

Comics deserve a lot of liberty to walk the edge. Yet the choice of theme of the Rally to Restore Sanity toys with shameful undercurrents. The comics’ choice of theme is just one step away from referencing Josef Mengele’s sadistic … read more »

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Truth, Justice, and the American Way: A Conservative’s Defense of Illegal Aliens

Illegal Alien #1 is one Kal-El, a/k/a Superman.  He illegally entered American airspace, then territory, and has taken up residence.   No visa.  No documents.  He was found, in his tiny rocket ship, and taken in by Ma and Pa Kent, … read more »

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From: The President of the United States To: Secretary of the Treasury Geithner Secretary of Defense Gates Secretary of the Interior Salazar Secretary of Labor Solis Attorney General Holder Dated:  September 7, 2010 Re:       Buggy Whip Manufacturing Gentlemen (and Lady), … read more »

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The cry of Dolores: Will you free yourselves?

Tonight is celebrated an event of symbolic political, social and cultural significance. It is summed up with the phrase, “Death to bad government” and the event is the Grito de Dolores (“The Cry of Dolores,” named for a small town … read more »

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The Elitists’ Elitists: How Flukes and Foibles Turned American Law Topsy Turvy

Hyde Park Elitist John Paul Stevens, the U.S. Supreme Court’s most liberal member has, at age 90, announced his resignation.  The Supreme Court commands an immense amount of prestige.  But as it turns out … it is a whimsically human … read more »

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Good Government!

Here is a wonderful poster offered by, reproduced. (reproduced either with’s permission with a hyperlink so you may, as have I, and as should you, purchase one or, if Parcbench’s editors found themselves, once again, too overworked or … read more »

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The Apostasy: “Drop Dead, Tea Partiers!”

A public flogging of Patrick Ruffini In entering an important online debate recently, GOP web celeb Patrick Ruffini horrifyingly takes the elitist position.  He implicitly disses the Tea Parties, the very Tea Party which, in a recent Rasmussen poll, beat … read more »

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Beauty So Difficult

“Beauty is difficult, Yeats” said Aubrey Beardsley when Yeats asked why he drew horrors or at least not Burne-Jones and Beardsley knew he was dying and had to make his hit quickly Hence no more B-J in his product. So … read more »

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Little Nell on the Tracks: A Melodrama premiering in 2010

Last season’s entertainment offerings from Channel Obama (Health Care Reform, Cap’n Trade, and Card Check) are wrapping up to mixed reviews and a decidedly tepid audience response. Card Check never even got into production. The Evil Cap’n Trade was, pardon … read more »

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