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Why ‘Korengal’ Matters As Much As (Perhaps Even More Than) ‘Restrepo’

Perhaps you’ve heard of them — the Second Platoon, Battle Company, 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team in the Korengal Valley of Afghanistan. They were the subjects and the stars of Restrepo, the greatest documentary on … read more »

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Idina Menzel Becomes The First Tony Award Winning Actor With A Top 10 Hit

The Billboard Hot 100 chart, which ranks the week’s 100 most popular songs in the United States, began in August of 1958. This week, for the first time, there is a Top 10 hit by a performer who has also … read more »

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Come To The DESERT SHOWDOWN With Academy Award Favorites Will Ferrell and Kevin Spacey

Will Ferrell, star of “Anchorman” and one of the funniest presenters in the history of the Academy Awards will host the DESERT SHOWDOWN golf and tennis charity event. Tuesday, at La Quinta Resort & Club, Will Ferrell and another Oscar … read more »

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Parcbench’s 2014 Academy Award Predictions

In the fall, “Gravity” was at the forefront of the Academy Awards race. Then, along came “American Hustle,” gaining most of the enthusiasm until just this week — when most of the critic’s predictions were announced. Now, on the eve … read more »

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Mel Brooks to Receive AFI Honor

Legendary comedian and filmmaker Mel Brooks will be honored by the American Film Institute with its Lifetime Achievement Award next year. Brooks, one of a select few talents to win an Oscar, Emmy, Tony, and Grammy, will be recognized for … read more »

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‘The Great Gatsby’ & The Future Of American Tennis

“Can’t repeat the past?” he cried incredulously. “Why of course you can!” (from “The Great Gatsby,” by F. Scott Fitzgerald) “The Great Gatsby,” the 1925 American novel of the 20th century, is back. This time it arrives in 21st century … read more »

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HomeVideodrome: DVD Releases for May 1st, 2012

Bravo, Soderbergh.  Too often do action directors feel compelled to get in the middle of the action and jiggle the camera around in a half-assed attempt to put the audience “in the action” these days.  The result is almost always … read more »

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HomeVideodrome: DVD Releases for June 21st, 2011

Cedar Rapids is an example of a cancer in American movies, a horrible disease that has befallen independent movies.  Every year a movie pops out from Sundance that seems to be the little indie movie that could.  This would be … read more »

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‘The Tree Of Life’ (Don’t Read This Review — Just Go See This Film!)

Tree Of Life **** (out of 4 stars) Starring: Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, Hunter McCracken Directed by: Terrence Malick Rated: PG-13 “The only way to be happy is to love,” says the mother. “Unless you love, your life will flash … read more »

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The Hangover Part Deux-over

The Hangover Part II has gotten a reaction that could only be described at the polar opposite of the accolades heaped upon its sleeper predecessor.  The Hangover was a refreshing high-concept comedy in the middle of a summer stuffed with … read more »

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