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Let’s Talk Turkey (…and What Wine Goes With It)

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, it’s time to ask, once again, “Which wines go with a Thanksgiving dinner?” There are no hard and fast turkey pairing rules, just plenty of options. The challenge with the upcoming feast isn’t pairing wine with … read more »

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Backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

For the past couple weeks I have been living among angels, wings, and supermodels. I am happy. Let me finish that sentence… I am happy to report that supermodels are human. They wear nothing but teeny lingerie on the runway … read more »

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Naomi Campbell Holds the Key? (VIDEO)

In a twist of irony, Naomi Campbell is making war crimes allegations against former Liberian President, Charles Taylor, yet doesn’t want to talk about it. In an interview with ABC News, she stormed out, knocking over a camera, just for … read more »

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I See London, I See France…

Well, it’s only Round One of the French Open and already some of us are embarrassed to be Americans over here. Whistles and whispers circulated through the stands at Court Suzanne Lenglen, with the fashion malfunction of Venus Williams. That’s … read more »

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Parcbench’s Guide to the Kentucky Derby 2010

It’s Kentucky Derby time again. Held on the first Saturday in May, the one and a quarter mile Thoroughbred contest is the most prestigious horse race in the world. But it isn’t only about the horse racing. You don’t have … read more »

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My assignment was to write about the recent New York Fall 2010 ready-to-wear fashion shows. It may seem strange to title a piece about New York Fashion Week with a reference to Scottish designer Alexander McQueen, but his suicide on … read more »

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The New Mustang – Retro Meets Retro

Ford’s beautiful retro Mustang debuted in 2005. They did such a good job replicating the original’s look (even with stifling government regulations in the way), that I still do a double take when I see one drive by. Four years … read more »

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Underpants Bomber Special Guest at Michelle Obama Surprise Birthday Party

from The Endive… First Lady Michelle Obama got more than she bargained for when Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, better known as the Underpants Bomber, showed up as the guest of honor at her surprise birthday party. “This is all, well, it’s … read more »

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The Ladies Room: Your Glittering Lady Business

Remember those crystal tattoos that were outrageously popular a few years back? Ever want one on your muffin? Jennifer Love Hewitt glamed out her bajingo and isn’t afraid to talk about it. In fact, she included an entire chapter about … read more »

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Spotted: MO lost her manners, Capitol Offense!

Where do I start? Looks like Girl President forgot part of her dress. The White House spends so much time looking into the future. Maybe if Lady O had a proper calendar, she’d realize we’re well past the time for … read more »

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