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Rekindle Liberty’s Torch

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me; I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” – Emma Lazarus, “The New … read more »

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New Blues: Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado’s ‘Too Many Roads’

Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado — Too Many Roads *** (out of 4 stars) Label: Ruf Records Of all the Danish blues artists I’ve encountered, Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado are my favorite. They prove once and for … read more »

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Home Videodrome: DVD releases for Jan. 4, 2011

The first week of January is one in which Robert Rodriguez will dominate the new release shelf, as El Mariachi, Desperado, and Once Upon a Time in Mexico are all getting the Blu-ray treatment, as well as his latest exercise … read more »

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Post Racial America: The Race Maps

Utilizing Census findings from 2000, the first race maps of major US cities were created, debuted on Flickr, and shortly thereafter exploited across the internet. read more »

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Colbert’s Visit To Capitol Hill Disgusts Democrats?

Steven Colbert is appearing before Congress in character as we speak. He is doing so on behalf of a Chairwoman to provide testimony on behalf of illegal immigration. read more »

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Big Brother’s Daily Google Gang Bang For User Data Rises 20 Percent In 6 Months

Back in April we hailed the launch of Google’s Government Transparency Tool, which functions by collecting and sharing data with the public in regard to global government requests for user information and removal. Unfortunately, in September, we’re given the unhappy task of updating this story with the fact that said requests have risen over 20% (as covered in detail by Wired). read more »

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This morning, when Drudge decided to flash this little tidbit of breaking news, stock prices in laxatives crashed. read more »

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Sarbanes-Oxley Revisited

A key portion of Sarbanes-Oxley was overturned by the US Supreme Court yesterday. The Court ruled that members of the SarbOx Board (known by the acronym PCAOB or the nickname Peek-a-Boo) had to be terminable by the SEC at will, instead of only for cause. read more »

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Should It Be Taps For The Death Tax?

The Swiss Parliament recently ratified a tax treaty ending bank secrecy in the land of William Tell. read more »

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Yet Another Racist Democrat (video)

‘…and they’re not minorities and they’re not defective…they’re good American people.’ – Rep Paul Kanjorski of Pennsylvannia read more »

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