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Everybody Gets A Trophy… Even Jenner 2.0

Doesn’t tennis legend Arthur Ashe deserve a little more respect than this? What a joke to the legacy of a truly considerate athlete to seek TV ratings by awarding it to the media circus now being called Caitlyn Jenner. So … read more »

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The Great FreedomFest Debate Was Like Watching Tom and Jerry

You cannot defend freedom using statistics, as you cannot get a mouse out of the wallboards with a broom. read more »

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Patty Hearst’s Shih Tzu Wins The Toy Group At Westminster

Patty Hearst has many talents. The greatest among them is the ability to stay in the news. In this case, it also has to do with her impeccable breeding. I beg your pardon…her dog’s, actually. The infamous heiress is back … read more »

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Highly Regarded and Respected Actor James Gandolfini Dies In Sicily

James Gandolfini, the very talented actor who brought us all the incredibly sympathetic portrayal of the flawed antihero and conflicted mob boss Tony Soprano in “The Sopranos,” died in Sicily, Italy at the age of 51 of a possible heart … read more »

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Anti-Tea Party Protesters Attempt To Ruffle Feathers At The Ballet… And The Band Played On (Beautifully)

New York City’s David H. Koch Theater (that’s right — David Koch gets well-deserved respect in NYC!) was the site of the New York City Ballet Spring Gala and a bit of tired, retro-guerrilla theater last Wednesday evening. The anti-Tea … read more »

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Royal Wedding: Sometimes It’s Best to Say Yes to the Dress, But No to the Hat

What can one say about the hats on display at The Wedding? This wasn’t just any wedding, this was a wedding that clearly took place in the land that brought us all Teletubbies. Poor Princess Beatrice. The world agreed that … read more »

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Weird Al, Lady Gaga, Wonkette, and Social Media

As readers of Big Journalism know, a tidal wave hit a lefty snark-pit of a blog called Wonkette, where editor Jack Stuef posted a disgusting article that relentlessly mocked Trig Palin, Sarah Palin’s down syndrome afflicted son.  Underneath a picture … read more »

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Charlie Sheen Gets Booed Off The Stage

Poor Detroit. That sorry town just never gets a break. First, the local government stifled businesses by not implementing pro-growth policies (choosing instead to implement welfare policies that acted as a further economic drain). Then the union-heavy influence in the … read more »

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Billy Joel, Author: Only The Good (Ideas) Die Young

“I still belong, Don’t get me wrong, And you can speak your mind, But not on my time” (from “My Life,” by Billy Joel) He may like singing about his life, but Billy Joel has realized that writing about it … read more »

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Hold Onto Your Horses – Cher’s Country Career Is Just A Rumor

So Cher is not going country after all. Darn. There are some albums that you really look forward to, and Cher’s debut country release was going to be one of those albums. Let’s face it – it was either going … read more »

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