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Congressman Thaddeus McCotter R-MI

Congressman Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) Joins CRF Weekdays w/Steve & Daria

Congressman Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI)


Congressman Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) who has been mulling a possible 2012 Presidential run joins Steve Rosenblum and Daria DiGiovanni on CRF Weekdays to discuss the economy, the budget and President Obama’s speech on Afghanistan.

CRF Weekdays with Steve Rosenblum & Daria DiGiovanni on USA Talk Radio is a spinoff of the popular Conservative Republican Forum Saturday program which has aired since June 2009.

As always listeners are invited to call-in to 347-637-1121 with comments and questions.

The One & Only Ann Coulter

Constitutional Attorney & Author Ann Coulter On Conservative Republican Forum

The One & Only Ann Coulter

UPDATE: Ms. Coulter unfortunately had to reschedule this appearance. We will update you when the new date has been scheduled.

Steve & Daria’s guest on Conservative Republican Forum Saturday, June 25th is a constitutional attorney, a political pundit, a legal correspondent for Human Events and is the author of 7 New York Times bestsellers.

Ann Coulter is also a frequent guest on such shows as The O’Reilly Factor, Hannity, Red Eye and many more.

Now she has released what many feel is her best book to date; Demonic- How The Liberal Mob Is Endangering America.

They’ll talk to Ann about her new book, her career and some topics of the day.

As always, listeners are welcome to call-in to 347-637-1121 with comment and questions.

National Security Expert Frank Gaffney

National Security Expert Frank Gaffney Joins CRF Weekdays

National Security Expert Frank Gaffney

Wednesday, June 22nd, at 2:00pm ET, National security expert Frank Gaffney- The President & CEO of The Center For Security Policy,  will join Steve Rosenblum & Daria DiGiovanni on CRF Weekdays.

Mr. Gaffney is also the host of Secure Freedom Radio, a nationally-syndicated radio program heard weeknights throughout the country. In addition in the 1980′s he held several key national security posts.

CRF Weekdays on USA Talk Radio is a spinoff of the popular- Conservative Republican Forum- Saturday program which has aired since June 2009.

Unlike the Saturday show CRF Weekdays focuses more on analysis and opinion of news stories and less on guest interviews.


CRF w/guest Peter Konetchy-US Senate Candidate

This Saturday on Conservative Republican Forum your host Steve Rosenblum is joined by guest cohost Diva Ellen (Snyder).  

The guest this evening, as part of their continuing ‘Grassroots Candidates Series’, is Michigan US Senate Candidate Peter Koentchy (R) who is hoping to unseat incumbent Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI).

They’ll also examine the latest news and politics. Topics will include the resignation of Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY), the GOP Presidential Debate and much, much more!

As always your calls with comments and questions are welcome at 347-637-1121.


The Tony Katz Radio Spectacular! on CRF

Tony Katz of ‘The Tony Katz Radio Spectacular’ and ‘The Conversation’ on PJTV will be on ‘Conservative Republican Forum’ with hosts Steven Rosenblum and Daria DiGiovanni on Saturday, May 28th. The show airs from 6:00-7:30pm ET.

In addition, Bill Whittle of PJTV’s ‘Trifecta’ & ‘Afterburner’ shows will be a guest that evening as well.

‘The Tony Katz Radio Spectacular’, starring Tony Katz and producer-in-training Holly Bacon, on All Patriots Media and PJTV made a huge announcement on Friday evening.

Starting Wednesday, June 1st, the show will be heard in New York. They will join the lineup at WVNJ 1160am at their same 6pm EST time slot.

If you’ve never listened to Tony’s show then you don’t know what you’re missing. Because it his, as Tony says, “a pleasure, like you would not and could not believe” for him to do the show and for the listener.

From his bio: “Tony Katz is a proud American and Capitalist…  The Tony Katz Radio Spectacular is the daily show that extols the virtues of Freedom, Liberty and Capitalism. Focusing on right vs. wrong, instead of right vs. left, Tony methodically works his way through current events and pop culture, exposing MSM hypocrisy and making the complex easy to understand.

Tony is also the host of The Conversation with Tony Katz on PJTV (  On The Conversation, Tony gathers a weekly panel of pundits, politicos, celebrities and media professionals to talk about the hot subjects of the day.  Unlike other talk shows, The Conversation is not about sound bites, but about the free exchange of ideas”.

I strongly recommend you check out the show at or on one of the terrestrial radio stations where his show is syndicated:

880 AM – KLRG
Little Rock, AR

1330 AM – KTAE
Ft. Hood/Kileen, TX

1340 AM – WTAN
Clearwater/Tampa Bay, FL

1350 AM – WDCF
Dade City, FL